Posted by Céline Ruffino (New York, United States) on 19 July 2010 in Cityscape & Urban and Portfolio.

View from the Empire State Building (New York City).
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Featured in the photo resonance Skyline to Street on AMinus3 : )

Tede from Aubenas 07, France

Admiration pour ce cliché!!!! 5* largement méritées. Belle journée.

19 Jul 2010 7:34am

@Tede: Merci beaucoup : )

Marilla from Turku, Finland

Nice, artistic view!

19 Jul 2010 7:54am

@Marilla: Thank you : )

Hiro from Kyoto, Japan

Pretty clever processing !

19 Jul 2010 8:13am

@Hiro: Thank you : )

Sarito from Basingstoke, United Kingdom

Superb.. the city outlined by the lights.. excellent 5*

19 Jul 2010 8:23am

@Sarito: Thank you very much : )

marianne from hjoerring, Denmark

F*** it's nice! NYC! Wonderful shot.

19 Jul 2010 8:40am

@marianne: Thank you : )

Florence from Paris, France

Comme une rivière de diamant nonchalament jeté sur la cité... c'est superbe.

19 Jul 2010 10:19am

@Florence: Merci : )

Stephane from Paris, France

Magnifique vue nocturne, j'adore.

19 Jul 2010 11:12am

@Stephane: Merci : )

Joaquín from Jaén, Spain

Woooow, it's really beautiful!!

19 Jul 2010 11:21am

@Joaquín: Thank you : )

peter.K from blue mountains, Australia

breathtaking view, i miss living in the city when i see wonderful images like this...

19 Jul 2010 11:45am

@peter.K: Thank you : ) Everything has its charm !

Ilan (@ilanbr) from Israel

Clever photo.
We saw the city's skyline so many times, but with the high contrast it turned to ... well.. skies :)
Beautiful work, love it!

19 Jul 2010 1:26pm

@Ilan (@ilanbr): Thank you : )

Dawn from Maryland, United States

This is an amazing shot!! Wow!! Love the POV. : )

19 Jul 2010 1:46pm

@Dawn: Thank you : )

Mici from Tg Mures, Romania

I never thought this would look this great in B/W

19 Jul 2010 2:42pm

@Mici: Thank you : )

El pare from Prepirineu, Andorra

Magnifique travail. Superbe!!

19 Jul 2010 2:45pm

@El pare: Merci : )

Peter Bella from Győr, Hungary

Great image! B&w City...

19 Jul 2010 3:43pm

@Peter Bella: Thank you : )

Bettina from Los Angeles, United States

Wow, this is fantastic!!!! I love it in b/w! Excellent! All the little dots...

19 Jul 2010 4:08pm

@Bettina: Thank you : )

Ralph Jones from Detroit, United States


19 Jul 2010 5:08pm

@Ralph Jones: Thank you : )

Calusarus from St Sorlin en Valloire, France

Ce N&B est fantastique

19 Jul 2010 5:57pm

@Calusarus: Merci : )

Otto K. from Atlanta, United States

beautiful night view. almost an abstraction of the city.

19 Jul 2010 6:45pm

@Otto K.: Thank you : )

Mascha from Kootstertille, Netherlands

Fantastic in black an white!!

19 Jul 2010 6:52pm

@Mascha: Thank you : )

Bruno F from Précigné, France

Ca le fait bien en n&b !! Bravo

19 Jul 2010 6:59pm

@Bruno F: Merci : )

The MaJor from TM HooD, Iran


19 Jul 2010 7:48pm

@The MaJor: Thank you : )

marc battault from clermont ferrand, France

magnifique capture de toutes ces lumieres en miniature !!
bises !

19 Jul 2010 8:16pm

@marc battault: Merci : )

Silas from United Kingdom

What a nice approach to an urban landscape...I really like this one.

19 Jul 2010 8:23pm

@Silas: Thank you : )

Richard from Montferland, Netherlands

The B&W gives a big extra. It's a very good capture Céine. I live at the second light on the left ;-)

19 Jul 2010 8:29pm

@Richard: Thank you : )

pixator from Iran

Fantastuc !

19 Jul 2010 8:51pm

@pixator: Thank you : )

Thami from Morocco

Très belle ambiance nocturne dans ce paysage hyper-urbain! Mais quel gaspillage d'énergie...
Bonne fin de journée!

19 Jul 2010 9:22pm

@Thami: Merci : ) C'est bien vrai !

Polix from Quilmes, Argentina


19 Jul 2010 9:49pm

@Polix: Thank you : )

LoulouPix from New York, United States

Such beautiful lights that highlight the Chrysler jewel.
Very nice. I like it

19 Jul 2010 10:35pm

@LoulouPix: Thank you Love : )

Mohsen from Tehran, Iran


20 Jul 2010 12:01am

@Mohsen: Thank you : )

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

This is so absolutely cool!

20 Jul 2010 12:16am

@Steve Rice: Thank you : )

ad fontes from Langley, Canada

Very cool! Love the B&W. Well done.

20 Jul 2010 12:46am

@ad fontes: Thank you : )

Becky from los angeles, United States

Oh so COOL! Love it.

20 Jul 2010 1:21am

@Becky: Thank you : )

Steve from Atlanta, United States

I love this...this is so cool! Excellent!

20 Jul 2010 1:36am

@Steve: Thank you : )

kyungmee from United States

Wonderful and magical night scene!

20 Jul 2010 2:00am

@kyungmee: Thank you : )

Chetan from Gurgaon, India

B/w never looked so good!! Gr8 aerial capture of NY !!

20 Jul 2010 2:23am

@Chetan: Thank you : )

JJ from Jersey City, United States

WOW what a view love the high contrast effect here

20 Jul 2010 2:41am

@JJ: Thank you : )

David from Detroit, United States

Excellent! Pure texture that becomes a city scape.

20 Jul 2010 2:52am

@David: Thank you : )

rian from fullerton, United States

i do like how you just left out the lights in this scene.. wonderful work.. :)

20 Jul 2010 3:46am

@rian: Thank you : )

mali from Tehran, Iran

Wow! smart choice to use B&W! bravo!

20 Jul 2010 3:51am

@mali: Thank you : )

PhotOpus from France, France

Ca fait très Woody Allen non ?

20 Jul 2010 4:04am

@PhotOpus: Il a en tout cas influence ma vision de New York ; )

Michael Rawluk from Williams Lake, BC, Canada

That is way too good. 5* I love the processing.

20 Jul 2010 4:28am

@Michael Rawluk: Thank you very much : )

Boas from Helsinki, Finland

Exellent B&W. So full of life. In like the tower that pops up at left side

20 Jul 2010 5:31am

@Boas: Thank you : )

Marcel Zaugg from Switzerland

B&W ist die richtige Wahl für dieses Bild - wirkt hervorragend.

20 Jul 2010 6:00am

@Marcel Zaugg: Danke : )

✿ Anina ✿ from Auckland, New Zealand

Oh my! This is so very beautiful. I love all the sparkly lights. A superb night shot

20 Jul 2010 7:54am

@✿ Anina ✿: Thank you : )

Daryl Johnson from Farnham, United Kingdom

Cleverly done, very striking.

20 Jul 2010 7:58am

@Daryl Johnson: Thank you : )

MadScientist from Düsseldorf, Germany

Great idea and excellent capture!

20 Jul 2010 8:17am

@MadScientist: Thank you : )

Fusao from Tokyo, Japan

fantastic! beautiful BW.

20 Jul 2010 12:07pm

@Fusao: Thank you : )

Krunal from Mumbai, India


20 Jul 2010 4:06pm

@Krunal: Thank you : )

Aboololo from Govashir, Iran

very nice shot . really good B and W .

20 Jul 2010 7:36pm

@Aboololo: Thank you : )

Kiki from Ambert, France

Une impressionnante fourmilière d’étoiles déjà, mais quand on imagine l’autre fourmilière dessous !!! Superbe ton N&B bien saturé !

20 Jul 2010 8:27pm

@Kiki: Merci : )

Klaus from Germany

brilliant night shot .. and the view on the Chrysler building is amazing

20 Jul 2010 8:45pm

@Klaus: Thank you : )

larry from somewhere in, Singapore

Celine, one of your best so far.

21 Jul 2010 2:41am

@larry: Thank you : )

Mike from California, United States

Nice image...I like the stark contrast.

21 Jul 2010 6:04am

@Mike: Thank you : )

Tom DFR from Paris, France

superbe bichromie de cette vue de l'ESB. Très jolie traitement !
ps : j'adore des details que l'on peut voir sur le Chrysler Bldg ;)

21 Jul 2010 7:53pm

@Tom DFR: Merci : )

Bruno from froyennes, Belgium

New York ... just a few black dots and a few white dots ... nothing more ...

Nice shot

21 Jul 2010 8:31pm

@Bruno: Thank you : )

Lin from Irvine, United States

Gorgeous night shot!

22 Jul 2010 4:16am

@Lin: Thank you : )

Dutçh from Chicagoland, United States

I really like the sharp contrast here.. totally black, totally white.

25 Jul 2010 10:51pm

@Dutçh: Thank you : )

aiGi.boGa from Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Que preciosidad, este tratamiento realza las luces de la toma¡¡:D

26 Jul 2010 11:44pm

@aiGi.boGa: Gracias : )

Dana from St. Louis, United States

awesome! i heart NYC.

28 Jul 2010 1:20am

@Dana: Thank you : )


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